Potential Sponsors

Interested in being our sponsor? Email sponsorship@jmusaferides.org. We look forward to working with you.  

Sponsorship Packages 

These are packages we have created that are particularly effective for apartment complexes and meet their advertising needs. The contracts are annually slated; they last for two college semesters of sponsorship.

Rolls Royce- $6,000+

Sponsor will be assigned a car which will distribute sponsorship advertisements every night of operations. Sponsor’s logo will be displayed inside of assigned car. Sponsors may choose the materials to be distributed to patrons.

Sponsor will be primary sponsor for one Saferides Event per semester, including Saferides’ Member Recruitment drive if available. Sponsor’s logo will be on display during event, as well as opportunity to distribute advertising materials.

Sponsor will be featured in Saferide’s social media including Twitter and Facebook, as well logo being featured as premium sponsor on Saferide’s website.

Big Wheeler- $5,000 – $5,500

Sponsorship advertisements displayed for eight nights per semester, including four premium weekends of Sponsor’s choosing. During these eight nights handouts of sponsor’s choice are distributed to patrons.

Sponsor will be primary Sponsor for one Saferides Event per semester, of Sponsor’s choosing. Sponsor name and logo will be on programs for event – sponsor has option of negotiating sponsored giveaways (i.e. gift cards, shirts with sponsor logo, etc.)

Become part of Saferides’ social media campaign – shout-outs placed on SafeRides’ social media sites, i.e., Twitter, Facebook each weekend.

Acknowledgement as premium sponsor placed on the SafeRides website.

Front Seat – $3,000 – $4,500

Sponsorship materials distributed for six nights per semester
Become part of Saferides social media campaign: Shout-outs placed on SafeRides’ social media sites,

i.e., Twitter, Facebook.

Company logo will appear in SafeRides newsletters, distributed to current members, alumni, and parents of Saferides members.

Passenger – $2000- $2,500

Sponsorship materials handed out for four nights per semester

Sponsor logo will appear on the back of the driver and passenger seats in all SafeRides cars (4-5 cars per weekend)