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Being a Girl is Hard

Being A Girl Is Hard By: Stacey Law ’16 I have never lost anyone to drunk driving, and I consider myself lucky every day because of this. So that is not why I drive for SafeRides. I drive because the

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How To Have Fun As The Designated Driver

How to Have Fun as the Designated Driver By: Gabriela Vargas ’16 Put the words “designated sober driver” and “crowded bar” together. You probably get an image of some sorry-looking sap looking at their phone in the corner of the

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How to Get Home 101

How to Get Home 101 By: Greg Barton (Class of 2016) Fellow Dukes,     My name is Greg Barton, and I am a senior CIS Major, Vice President of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and volunteer for JMU SafeRides. Over the past four

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Holiday Party Etiquette

Holiday Party Etiquette By: Reza Malik (Class of 2017)   Hooray, the holiday season is here!  I’m sure we are excited for finals to be over and for us to finally spend time with our families. But there are a

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Keeping the Holidays Merry

Keeping the Holidays Merry By: Lauren Fortier ’16   With the holidays coming, and more and more families traveling to see each other, the roads will be packed with drivers. Sadly, not all of these drivers will be sober while

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The Bystander Effect

The Bystander Effect By: Anonymous – You’ve probably heard about it. It’s why we are told to designate a specific person to call for help in an emergency rather than shout out a vague “Somebody call 911!” According to Psychology

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Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer By: Adam Drosdak (Class of 2016) As the holiday party season kicks off, law enforcement officials have begun to crack down on drunk driving. A national campaign called “You Drink & Drive. You Lose,” has ramped up police

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Tis’ The Season

Tis’ The Season  By Camila Restrepo Chavez (Class of 2017) To designate a driver! Now that the holidays are coming up, all I can think about is getting to spend some quality time with my family at home and stop worrying about

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