Vision & Values

Vision  SafeRides aims to have the most effective safe ride program around. This vision will be achieved by combing our distinctive operations, commitment to safety of our patrons and the Harrisonburg community, focus on the SafeRides values, and our focus on serving the students of James Madison University to the best of our ability to do so.

Values— As a represent of our organization, SafeRides, we are committed to taking ownership of the principles, fulfilling our responsibilities, and upholding the reputation that we work to achieve. We will work to ensure the confidentiality our patrons through our words and actions. While understanding that we keep the community safe, our number one priority is the safety of our members. As an organization we promote and embrace equality and diversity. Teamwork and communication is a big part of SafeRides, to accomplish this goal we work to eliminate any divisions between the organization. SafeRides is committed to excellence through the development of our program and ourselves through evaluation, innovations and improvements of how SafeRides runs and operates.