Nightly Operations

The opening of a night

  • Members who are working must be at the SafeRides office by 9:00 pm on Fridays and 9:00 pm on Saturdays to get ready for the night.
  • All members must wear their SafeRides shirts, bring their driver’s license and JAC card.
  • Each member will sign the Nightly Sign-In sheet and the Director in Charge will assign members to various roles for the night (drivers, navigators, phones, logistics).
  • The Director in Charge will make general announcements to ensure that everyone understands what the night will be like.
  • As calls come in, the Director in Charge will send drivers and navigators out to complete the rides.

The duration of a night

  • The Director in Charge, the Phone Operators, and Logistics Directors will be in Headquarters throughout the night.
  • As calls come in, the Phone Operators will answer the calls and enter them into the phone log database that will automatically give the Logistics Director the exact information for each ride.
  • The Logistics Director will then assign the ride to a car, based on the location of the car and the number of patrons that need rides (if there are more than three patrons that need a ride, more than one car will be sent out to complete the ride).
  • When the Driver and Navigator complete the ride they have been assigned, they will call Headquarters and inform them.
  • Each car will have a Driver and a Navigator. The Driver will be 21 years old and is only responsible for operating the vehicle. The Navigator is responsible for answering the phone, maintaining the ride information in the car binder, adjusting the radio and interior lights, providing directions, and completely filling out all logs.

The end of a night

  • At the end of each night, the Director in Charge will tell the Logistics Directors to call each car in as the number of rides left permits.
  • The Driver and Navigator will return the car to the parking lot near Headquarters and bring all SafeRides materials inside.
  • The Driver and Navigator will turn in all car logs into the Director in Charge.
  • Before leaving for the night, each member will meet with an Executive Board member and discuss the night and any concerns or issues they may have had.