February 2001:

  • Began research of driving programs around the country

Spring 2003:

  • Initial group forms to petition for club status
  • James Madison University and Student Organization Services (SOS) grant SafeRides club status

Fall 2003:

  • First General Body is established

Spring 2004:

  • Mission Statement including designated driving purpose is approved by JMU
  • Began looking for insurance and sponsors

Fall 2004:

  • Collaboration with administration to update and finalize member training procedures and manual
  • Began training new and existing members

Spring 2005:

  • January 28th-30th: Attended the Safe Ride Programs United Conference at Texas A&M University
  • Investigated alternative options within the University as to SafeRides’ status

August 2005:

  • Partnership between SafeRides and the Office of Health Promotion (OHP) is formed

September 2005:

  • The Hillcrest Annex is donated by OHP to SafeRides for use as office space
  • Training of members begins
  • Enterprise Rental Cars asks SafeRides to acquire insurance before entering into a contract together

February 2006:

  • SafeRides is allowed by the University to seek 501(c)(3) status
  • SafeRides begins researching the process

March 2006:

  • SafeRides begins non-profit paperwork and contacting attorneys

May 2006:

  • SafeRides files Articles of Incorporation with Virginia
  • SafeRides is recognized as a corporation in Virginia

August 2006:

  • SafeRides applies to be federally recognized as a non-profit organization

Spring 2007:

  • SafeRides is obtains 501(c)(3) status and is recognized as a non-profit organization
  • SafeRides begins driving!

Fall 2008:

  • SafeRides relocates to a new office in the Health Center basement
  • SafeRides gives 9,000 rides by October

Spring 2009:

  • SafeRides gives its 10,000th ride